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The idea behind iTracking Asia’s cloud-based IoT system, or SaaS, was not so much the fascination with gathering data from various types of sensors, but rather how the data could be presented and used in daily operations.

As a result, iTracking Asia’s main goal is to make it easier for management and managers to obtain vital data, allowing for better decision-making.

IoT via the cloud
Sensor Management finds solutions with its clinets
Where do we go

iTracking Asia believes that anyone, at all time, should be able to receive the information they need to do their work to the best of their ability.

iTracking Asia, on the other hand, also believes that its IoT solution will be able to improve some work procedures.

What do we want to achive

iTracking Asia wants to collaborate with our clients to develop a system that can free up resources, improve work processes, and lower expenses.

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