Sensor iTracking Asia


The cloud-based IIoT platform developed by iTracking Asia was designed to be hardware agnostic, which in theory means that customers are not required to utilize a specific device.

Customers will have the option of selecting the right device for the job, and electronic waste can be reduced thanks to the aforementioned benefits.

Temperature & Humidity sensors


Item no.: SM-007-TH

Description: IP67 waterproof Temperature and Humidity sensor.


Item no.: SM-006-T

Description: IP67 waterproof Temperature sensor with probe.

iBS03P 2

Item no.: SM-009-T

Description: PT-100  waterproof Temperature  sensor. (IP67)

Hall, PIR & Flood sensor


Item no.: SM-008-HA

Description: Open/Closing Waterproof Hall Sensor.


Item no.: SM-011-PIR

Description: PIR Sensor for detection of movement.

Flood sensor

Item no.: SM-010-FL

Description: Flood sensor

Units for Power Consumption Monitoring.

Item no.: SM-021-SP

Description: BLE Power monitoring.

High voltage power monitoring unit

Item no.: SM-024-PMH

Description: Wi-Fi Power monitoring of high voltage.


Item no.: SM-040-BLE-WiFi

Description: BLE Gateway connecting via WiFi.

Item no.: SM-041-BLE-LAN

Description: BLE Gateway connecting either via LAN.

Item no.: SM-042-BLE-LTE-M

Description: BLE Gateway connecting either via Micro SIM Card.


Item no.: SM-060-SP

Description: Surge or brown-outs protector with a rated current from 5A up to 16A, an inexpensive way to protect your fridge, freezer pumps or other electrical appliances against random power spikes or low voltage damage.

Item no.: SM-061-AVP

Description: Auto Voltage Protector (AVP) with a rated current from 30A up to 100A.  The AVP protects electrical appliances like larger fridge or freezer against random power spikes or low voltages damage.