Sensor iTracking Asia


Report generation

When creating a data report on paper or screen, you need the process to be easy. Sensor Management generates your report with a few clicks or tabs.

Access to data

Your data has to be readily available to the right people — right when they need it. Sensor Management’s data system can be accessed on whatever platform the user may be running.

Data in the cloud

Sensor Management stores all data in the cloud — secure, accurate, and easy to retrieve.

Reports on demand

Reports generate from any location. This make it possible for your management team to control their equipment remotely while following any set schedule.


The Sensor Management platform makes it possible to set temperature and humidity levels independently.

When a breach in temperature or humidity occurs, an alert will be sent to the right person or persons to insure quick and immediate action.

Reduce cost

The system makes it possible to add and release certain resources according to productivity.

Losses due to fridge or freezer malfunction can also be reduced through automatic temperature/humidity control and through corresponding alerts.