Many industries can benefit from the deployment of a cloud-based IoT system, such as businesses dealing with refrigerated or frozen goods, which require suitable monitoring systems to ensure ideal storage conditions. Food preparation firms store materials, groceries, and track shelf life, hospitals cool vaccines, and enterprises all over the world need precise temperatures from their refrigerators and freezers.

iTracking Asia provides a cloud-based IoT system which enables easy monitoring of the state of your equipment in real-time, while at the same time making it possible to look back at the performance historically.

Many government organizations and food safety inspectors now want this information in order to comply with their health and safety regulations. iTracking Asia dependably captures real-time data, which you may see in a clear way, via a user-friendly platform.

If the system detects an appliance is not working in the right way, like temperature or humidity is not in the right range or consuming too much power, an alert will be sent, allowing for a swiftly relocate of product and avoid deterioration. The system can also be used to track power consumption for 110v – 220v AC equipment, saving money and preventing breakdowns.

iTracking Asia helps with a variety of day-to-day company processes. Make use of it to —

Improve record keeping

Information collected by iTracking Asia sensors management system is routed over the network and stored on a secure server. Data can be accessed and archived from any location.

Cost reduction

Manually collecting your refrigeration information is neither timely nor accurate. iTracking Asia's sensor management system make this easy by collecting ‘round-the-clock real time accurate data.

Access to data

Users on all platforms with permission have timely access to the iTracking Asia's Sensor Management System and will be able to get real time data.


iTracking Asia’s cloud-based IoT solutions may be tailored to a variety of sectors with ease.

Preparation of Food
Catering services, restaurants, butchers, bakeries, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, and any other business that requires temperature and humidity controls for food safety.

Medical Assistance
Refrigeration is required for the effectiveness of some medicines and vaccinations. In addition, when preparing food for patients with special dietary needs, hospital cooks must adhere to strict guidelines.

The pharmaceutical and biotech sectors have very specific heating and cooling requirements that are vital to their products’ and research’s effectiveness.

Businesses in general
Larger office buildings sometimes have culinary and vending facilities that must be closely monitored.

Working with iTracking Asia IoT cloud


iTracking Asia is a cloud-based IoT system that securely stores your sensor data on a server that iTracking Asia manages.

Clients make no additional software, server, or system maintenance investments.

After the installation of the system access to relevant data is made easy and further business development can take place.


The iTracking Asia system and products are based on three principles:

1. Components that are simple to set up.
2. High-quality, long-lasting, and low-maintenance items.
3. A secure, easy-to-use platform that provides peace of mind.

iTracking Asia products for IIoT solutions


How to see your data in iTracking Asia IoT Cloud Solution

After being registered as a client, you will receive your access credential to access the system. 

The system is available for PC & Mac or Tablets using web browser.