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Item no.: SM-060-Voltage-Surge-Plug


SM-060-Voltage-Surge-Plug protects against low voltage, brown-outs and voltage dips. These conditions are harmful to fridges, freezers, pumps and all motor equipments.

In case of a spike or drop in power the SM-060 will disconnect the power for 90 seconds, according to the start-up delay which is built-in. By disconnecting for this short period the appliance is protected from short term and long term damage as well as ensuring the efficiency of the appliances.

Where to use

The SM-060 Voltage-Surge-Plug is ideal for the use with Fridges, Freezers, Coolers, Washing Machines, Motor equipment, Pumps, 1HP or 1.5HP Air Conditioners.

Technical specifications
  • Nominal Voltage; 230V
  • Current Rating; 5/7/10/13/15/16Amps
  • Frequency; 50/60Hz
  • Under-Voltage Disconnect; 180V
  • Under-Voltage Reconnect; 185V
  • Main Spike Response Time; <10ms
  • Mains Spike Discharge Amps; 6.5kA
  • Spike Protection; 160J
  • Wait Time; 90 sec.
  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008 certification and CE, RoHS certified.